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Fazoli's, E. Markey Parkway, Belton, MO, USA
Symptome: Durchfall, Übelkeit, Erbrechen
I purchased fazolis around 2pm on 7/16/2018. Shortly after I began to experience straight diarrhea which lasted periodically throughout the day. The next day 7/17/2018 was diarrhea was still at a high only this time accompanied by a feeling of weakness and a headache. The diarrhea was still going on thru the entire next day 7/18/2018 only this time accompanied by nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting and I had a bad case of the chills while at the same time sweating. It all finally slowed down around 5 in the morning on the 7/19/2018.
— Von IwasPoisoned.com Benutzer gemeldet 19. Juli 2018 10:58