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Pitfire Artisan Pizza, West Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Symptome: Erbrechen
Ordered food on 4/8/19 around 7pm, my wife and kids ate around that time and I ate around 9pm.
We ordered The Steak Salad and a pizza.
Except for the steak and blue cheese, the kids ate everything else.
Both my wife and I both start vomiting around 11pm.
She vomited once, and I vomited 6-7 times.
She said she only had a small bite of the blue cheese while I ate a lot.
No sickness from the kids.
The next day, I had chills, headache and weakness.
It's the 3rd day today and I'm still having some headaches.
— Von IwasPoisoned.com Benutzer gemeldet 10. April 2019 17:29