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Steak 'n Shake, Fox Valley Center Road, Aurora, IL, USA
Symptome: Übelkeit, Erbrechen
My fiancé and I ate this around 6pm. She had a double cheese burger with fries, while I had a triple steak burger with no cheese and fries — both of us used the steak burger and fry seasoning and we both had waters for beverages as well. As we ate, we heard the workers loudly talking about how restaurants in the area (namely, three Papa Johns locations) has closed down due to not meeting food safety/sanitation standards, which was a sketchy start — right after my fiancé had seen one of the cooks touching some buttons (not sure what for, or if he had touched anything else) while wearing gloves, and then not changing his gloves. After we finished eating, my fiancé reported feeling nauseous around 8:00pm and I kept burping up my food around that time too. Then, after we went to bed around 10:00pm, my fiancé woke up around 11:30pm and vomited twice while my stomach was really upset (as well as me being mad about the whole situation). Never going back to that location again, if we ever go back to them at all.
— Von IwasPoisoned.com Benutzer gemeldet 24. Januar 2020 01:12