Hy-Vee, South 4th Street, Clinton, IA, USA

Poisoned hace 2 meses
South 4th Street, Clinton, 52732 Iowa, United States
Hy-Vee, South 4th Street, Clinton, IA, USA
lettuce or orange peppers I ate them both  on 2 days in a row . Explosive diarrhea 1/2 to 2 hours after. Not willing to rate the rest of the pepper or more of the lettuce to figure which is the problem. I washed everything before eating! Head of lettuce and a hug orange pepper. I have cut in 4ths .  I have1/2 left of the orange pepper and a lot of lettuce but not willing to eat either to find which one is the problem. 1/2 hr after eating I felt sick and diarrhea started it k ok a test 2 hrs after.”
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