KFC, Old Spanish Trail, Houston, TX 77021, USA

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Old Spanish Trail, Houston, 77021 Texas, United States
KFC, Old Spanish Trail, Houston, TX 77021, USA
“I ate the Tuesday Special at $1.59 cents. I bought 2 orders in the same box. I took pictures of the chicken before I ate it. The skin looked good but the chicken was dark and discolored and nasty looking. I just ate the skin just like when l went to the other Chicken place. l ate skin first and then I ate 1 piece of the nasty looking chicken and in 5 minutes my stomach started to hurt me. I went back through the drive thru window and showed them the dark nasty discolored chicken they gave me and lady said that is the way the chicken is supposed to like. I told my stomach started to hurt me after eating one these pieces of chicken and I her fresh looking chicken and she said no. I take a picture of the chicken in the box they gave me and I took a picture of the recipe. l will contact the USDA at 1-888-674-6854 their National Hotline.”
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