McDonald's, West Avenue I, Lancaster, CA, USA

Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria hace 1 año
West Avenue I, Lancaster, 93534 California, United States
McDonald's, West Avenue I, Lancaster, CA, USA
“I ordered a quarter pounder with cheese and when I got home I bit into the Sandwich and chewed it about 10 times when I noticed the next bite. All I saw was pink meat inside the burger. It was under cooked for sure. I spit out the chewed up food but Im sure I swallowed the juices from the bite. This happened about 1030 PM November 7 2018. I didnt feel like going back up to the McDonalds because I had already got comfortable. I put the raw burger in the refrigerator in the burger container it came in. I woke up in the middle of the night with tremendous stomach pain and gas. All I Could do is hold my gut in serious pain. It took about 45 minutes until the diarrhea and nausea started. I didnt go to the hospital because I had started to feel better later in the day. The fat girl in me thought about getting my money back or to make a burger that was fresh and cooked thoroughly. About 430 pm I went to return the burger and the manager told me that I couldnt return the food with out a receipt and the burger. So I go back home to go find the receipt. Returning home the pain started again and this time it was very bad violent diarrhea. I took a full dose of imodium a.d and repeated 4 hours later and Im feeling a little better now but ITS 11PM . Please be careful eating from there especially if they are very busy.”
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