Papa John's, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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New York, United States
Papa John's, Brooklyn, NY, USA
“Hey I used the online delivery service so I'm not sure which their franchise it was that got me so sick but me and my two-year-old a pizza and we have been having the worst diarrhea do not eat any their chain I might add. The pizzas were gluten free I don't have celiac disease and can tolerate some gluten so it wasn't the gluten itself I've never had this kind of diarrhea before it's persisted for about 3 days now which is horrible because I'm also 7 months pregnant are you feel a little annoyed because you have to have the box in order to actually inform that chain of any complaints because there's a specific code to your order but I tossed the box out before I got sick just save yourself and don't eat any their chains”
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