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Urban Remedy recalls Salads and Wraps because of possible E. Coli contamination

76 salads and wraps that contain spinach are being voluntarily recalled by Urban Remedy as they may be contaminated with E. coli according to the FDA. The recall initiated after spinach from a supplier tested positive for E. coli bacteria. No illnesses have been reported so far.

All of the recalled products have a use-by date of September 15. They were sold in Urban Remedy’s retail stores, at Whole Foods Markets, online, and at other California retailers. The following are the recalled products:

  • Black Rice Umeboshi Bowl UPC: 813377 022595
  • The Benedict Brunch Bowl UPC: 813377 022854
  • Samosa Cauli Wrap UPC: 813377 023097
  • Green Tea Leaf Salad UPC: 813377 023158.

The company advises consumers that purchased any of these products, not to eat them – throw them out, or return them to the store for a full refund.

You can check the full recall notice in the FDA website

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Moe's Southwest Grill, Whiskey Road, Aiken, SC, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Vomiting Nausea
“I ordered a Joey burrito with chicken. My husband and mother in-law both ordered steak and they have had no problems. My stomach felt uneasy then painful and then I had nausea followed by severe vomiting. Almost immediately I had diarrhea followed by more vomiting and continued both simultaneously. It... See More
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Little Caesars Pizza, South Rittenhouse Road, Queen Creek, AZ, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Fever Nausea Vomiting
“I got sick on Monday night after eating with my family on Sunday night. My wife ended up being Sick Tuesday night and now my daughter is sick today. That was the only thing that all 3 of us Had eaten in that span of time Together.”
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Walmart Supercenter, 2016 Millennium Blvd, Cortland, OH 44410, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Fever Nausea Vomiting
“Just bought boneless skinless chicken breasts “great value” pack yesterday. Came home and cooked immediately, and fed my whole family. Everyone e that ate, is horribly sick with low fever, nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness. Those who didn’t eat it aren’t sick.”
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The Cheesecake Factory, Friars Road, San Diego, CA, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Vomiting
“We had dinner last night order from the happy hr menu had a burguer, pork sliders, french fries and edameme. And this morning we all woke up sick my husband, my 7 yr old daughter hasn't stopped vomiting thank goodness the 1 yearl old is fine but she was the... See More
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sweetgreen, Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Kalorama, Washington, DC, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Nausea
“Right now I just have horrible cramps. I had a salad for lunch and nothing since. Arugula, quinoa, chickpeas, carrots, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and cilantro lime dressing. No bread. Horrible cramps.
Would like to know if others got sick, too. Thanks. , Started feeling weird right after eating salad but... See More
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Starbucks, 19301 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
“Was given by staff sample caramel and whipped cream drink and went to drink it and noticed sour taste so I told staff your drink is sour and probably spoiled so the manAger said it's a powder mix and it might be the whipped cream...Just me but I returned he... See More
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|1 person found this review helpful

McDonald's, South Congress Avenue, Palm Springs, FL, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Safety Problem
“I bit into my sausage egg and cheese sandwich and felt a sharp filling on my top gum near my teeth and almost Swallowed a egg shell it was sharp and could of did damage in my Intestines but I was just bleeding from out my mouths”
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Tipo de Reporte: Seguridad Alimentaria
“Used to be finger licking good, NOW it’s more ‘2 fingers to customers’ with raw chicken, shirt served in pieces bought, after 30+ minutes wait, PLUS over 1 month wait for promise to contact & nothing received !”
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Krystal, North Missouri Street, West Memphis, Arkansas, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Vomiting Fever Nausea
“The burgers, was three of us and before we could get into Memphis we was getting sick. They had dirrrrea I was hospitalized for five days
I ordered. 12 Krystal. 4. With pickles. 8 with cheese no
pickles...order was wrong and we got food poison within. Thirty minutes”
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|1 person found this review helpful

Nando's Bournemouth - Castlepoint, East, Castlepoint, Bournemouth, UK

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Diarrhea
“My wife and son and myself went there Sunday 13th October 2019.
We all had wings and chips and I noticed a small amount of blood on two wings of which I had bitten into.
I was fine straight afterwards but a few hours later had severe abdominal pain and... See More
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