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McDonald's Roxburgh Drive, David Munroe Drive, Roxburgh Park VIC, Australia
Síntomas: Diarrea, Náusea, Vómitos, Obstáculo
Both my husband and i were food poisoned after eating a fillet o fish burger each Both my husband and i ate a fillet o fish burger on Monday the 17th of February. My symptoms started about 2 hours after eating and my husbands symptoms started about 6 hours after eating. I have been vomiting and have had diarrhea. I've been very sick since and am only feeling better now with a little bit of nausea still happening. My husband has had vomiting,diarrhea, cramps in his stomach and now he is constipated. He still feels ill. Doctor has confirmed it was from the fillet o fish we ate
— Reportado por la usuaria de 20 de febrero de 2020 20:50