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Subway, 1191 Century Avenue N, Oakdale MN, USA
Síntomas: Diarrea
I cannot confidently say this store is clean, nor follows procedures as I’ve seen things in the past that didn’t seem code and chose to let it go because what do I know? ...never again. I don’t know if it was the food handling or the food itself but my boyfriend and I have narrowed our illness down because it’s the only common thing we have eaten in the last 24-36 hours as we’ve had busy weekends.

My order: steak and cheese (American) on Italian herb and cheddar with spinach, black olives, green pepper, mayo and chipotle southwest.

His order: Tuna and cheese (cheddar) on Italian herb and cheese with spinach, onions, jalapeños and salt & pepper.

The only two things we had in common: Italian herb and cheese bread and SPINACH.

After reading up on potential food poisoning from spinach, I started reading about e-coli poising and so far our symptoms seem to fit the bill. Violent diarrhea for both of us, eating only makes it worse. We have both noticed blood on our toilet paper but cannot confirm if it’s in the stool or from our sore bottoms.
— Reportado por la usuaria de 21 de julio de 2019 19:22