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Taco Bell, East Belt Line Road, Richardson, Texas, USA
Síntomas: Náusea, Otro
Mexican Pizza, 10:20pm Jan. 16, 2020:

Purchased this Mexican pizza, around 10:20 on 16 January 2020
Simultaneously with immediate bite, felt a raw, chemical burn sensation in esophagus, nausea, bleach-type smell, peroxide type aftertaste, and rest of pizza smelled like "peanut butter crackers with the expiration expired by 3+ years" (distinct preservatives type????).

I called local ER as 'courteous call' for public information use in case this was not an isolated incident.

The ER advised to call Poison Control.

Poison Control could not understand why I was sharing this information for public use, even for the possible intentional contamination of food served to the general public. They advised to throw away the remains and call Public Health Services tomorrow. Or (as they laughed), advised calling the police after drinking a glass of water.

Really? Nobody handles anything off the script?

BTW, This is a frequent order of mine and a perennial favorite. This specimen is in no way an ordinary example, food allergy, or culinary review.

This is for food safety and public welfare.
— Reportado por la usuaria de 17 de enero de 2020 3:14