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Dave & Buster's, 1030 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL, USA
Symptômes: Vomissements
So my friend and I ordered this "plant based" burger (no cheese) called the #impossibleburger from @davenbusters and only a few minutes after we shared this burger she ran to the bathroom to vomit and immediately after I followed. When addressing the manager on site right now (3 02pm Nov 23 2018), he showed no care for our concerns and even made it a point to remind us that we will definitely be paying for the prepared food. He didnt offer any type of customer service at all no water no tea no change of meal nothing! So here I am keeping my peace by writing this and swiping my girls card to pay for something I threw up. Will be heading to kitchen 17 on Broadway the moment the children are done playing. To pay for real plant based food ????
— Rapporté par l'utilisateur 23 novembre 2018 16:10