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McDonald's, Sydney, Woodville Road, Guildford, New South Wales, Australia
Symptômes: Diarrhée, Vomissements
On the 3rd of July I ate McDonald's which was a Big Mac meal and the next day in the morning I started to get severe pain on my stomach, was sweating a lot and I could feel my heart pounding fast and then I vomited and had dierrhea three times in less than 3 hours and I almost fainted (that's if I did and didn't notice) and I could barely walk and I've also been in my bed ever since and cannot move because of the pain and still feeling dizzy. I would most certainly not eat this disgusting food again and I will do something about it because I felt like I was dying.!!!
— Rapporté par l'utilisateur 4 juillet 2016 08:37