7-Eleven, Church Lane, Yeadon, PA, United States

Poisoned 3 years ago
Church Lane, Lansdowne, 19050 Pennsylvania, United States
7-Eleven, Church Lane, Yeadon, PA, United States
“Grabbed two Johnsonville Italian Sausages from their "deli" area. What a mistake. I noticed that once I bit into on of those sausages, that they must have been out for a while. They were a litttle dried out, but still seemed to taste good. I was desperate as this was the closest location selling hot food and I was hungry. 2 hours after eatibg them, severe heart burn. 8 hrs laters came the diarrehea and now 24 hrs later - nausea. I am burping up a much more rancid version of flavor regarding those sausages. Its a distinct taste. No doubt it was those sausages. I have slight abdominal pain and am hoping this will subside in order to avoid doctors visit.”
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