ALDI, Minnesota 15, Hutchinson, Minnesota, USA

Poisoned 2 years ago
Minnesota 15, Hutchinson, 55350 Minnesota, United States
ALDI, Minnesota 15, Hutchinson, Minnesota, USA
“Husband and I both ate The black beans. They wouldn't cook up like normal but I've had this happened with overly dehydrated foods. They just wouldn't soften. Big mistake. This is not my first dried bean rodeo so I should have not been so positive. Both felt ill within 3 hours- bad diarrhea, nausea, indigestion and headache. Felt better this AM. I ate the plate of left overs chalking it up to a coincidence. Now three hours later I'm camped out in the bathroom have a temp and feel very vomity. None of the other ingredients from elsewhere (made extra for a different meal) caused any trouble- this is the only difference. Not surprised- their chickpeas REEKED when I tried cooking them Wednesday and had to toss them, and the chicken breasts I had to report to them 6 months ago had actual dirt and sand stuck to them. Never seen that in my life. Sorry Aldi's- this was the last straw. You're cheap for a reason. No point to waste money at the doctor-"drink plenty of fluid and take Pepto Bismal." I've wasted enough on the food!”
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