Aljibe Tango, Balcarce, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Food Poisoning 2 months ago
Balcarce, C1064 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aljibe Tango, Balcarce, Buenos Aires, Argentina
“See the cockroach delivered with the cooked meal. See details above of incident, Today we were dropped at the club for tango and dinner. On Dec 5th.  I ordered steak and my wife ordered Hake fish grilled. To her surprise half way during her meal she saw a cockroach in the fish semi grilled. Instantly we brought attention to the waiter and manager of the establishment. They apologized and blamed it on the chef. They decided they would give us a better table and drinks and ordered a bottled water as I don’t trust their open water. Whether the food contains cockroach ticks or rats also who carry typhus bacteria. Simply unacceptable that you use this establishment as an unsafe option for your clients. You should also inform Health and Safety commission of Buenos Aires of this incident and demand a Health audit of the restaurant. This cannot be handled passively as action is called for as unsuspecting tourists and visitors fall sick. Please let me know what actions you have taken. This happened on Thursday 8:10pm Dec 5th my wife and both were nauseated upon seeing the cockroach in the food on the half eaten plate of grilled fish which was still semi live.”
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