American Deli, Cascade Road, Atlanta, GA, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Cascade Road, Atlanta, 30331 Georgia, United States
American Deli, Cascade Road, Atlanta, GA, USA
“On 12/20/18 I called a order in for a tilapia fish salad. 10 minutes later Me and my boyfriend arrived to pick it up. It was in a clear plastic container the whole container was very warm and inside was a thin bed of shredded lettuce that by now looked wilted! I refused to eat it and ordered something else. I ended up eating a 2 pc fish and fries combo and my boyfriend got a chicken philly. It was soooo gooodddd!!! But by 12am my stomach started feeling really hot and gassy. My bf had a lot of gas as well! I woke up out of my sleep to diarrhea and vomiting, and my bf wasn’t lucky enough to get hair by it at home, he got symptoms at work. The fish didn’t taste funny, but that’s all I had eaten that day so it had to be the food.”
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