Applebee's Grill + Bar, Will Way, Louisville, Fern Creek, KY, USA

Poisoned 11 months ago
Will Way, Louisville, 40291 Kentucky, United States
Applebee's Grill + Bar, Will Way, Louisville, Fern Creek, KY, USA
“have been in and out of the hospital several times over the past 7 months to no avail. The healthcare staff has failed to give me a proper diagnosis.

I work in helathcare and am a certified professional coder so I am familar with reviewing medical records and medical claims.

I know my health took a drastic turn for the worst in November 2018 when I was exposed to what i beleive was botulism by way of a contaminated pie. Later mid April 2019 I was exposed to something in a strawberry margarita at drink that caused me to have the following symptoms in this order:
chills, dizziness, fatigue, fever, flushing, shivers
consciousness or mental confusion
shortness of breath
delirium, fast heart rate, insufficient urine production, organ dysfunction, and sleepiness

Finally chest pain. A friend of mine was sitting across from me and was witness to my reaction to the 3rd drink. She had no issues. We did not have food nor appetizers. Each time I have went to the hospital they treat the symptom at that time. Example will write me a perscription for headache or one for stomach ache when I have expressed they are all related and tied to one another.

Due to this undiagnosied sepsis or sometype of blood poisoning, I have and am continuing to experience organ failure/chest pain or lung issues, from what I am aware of its affecting my heart but could also be affectinvg my liver kidney and other vital organs.

I since this exposure have hive breakouts at least once a week. My entire life I have been able to eat just about anything and had no known allergies.

I went to the ENT specilaist in February and was tested for allergies, according to the results the test came back negative. But only since that visit have I began breaking out in hives.

My primary care physician is dissmive of these hives. I believe the hives are an indicator of my bodies attempt to ward off the ifection that is in my blood, which has also made its way into my bones.

I now also have cracking bones, everywhere everytime I move.

I strongly feel the things I ingested exacturbated an undiagnosied medical conidition or disease that I am also not being made aware of.

I prior to this was a perfectly seemingly healthy 34 year old women, who worked out 3-4 times a week drunk plenty of water, made raw smoothies and juices. I also try to make the best food choices and be healthy overall.

There is something not quite right about my medical treatment or lack thereof. All cbc, cardiology test, hive, hep c and ana (autominnue) test come back normal; however my health has been deteriorating and Im actually experincing pain.

I even had encephalitis over the summer along with fever and chills. I was dimissed and told it was strep throat. Mind you I had contracted "strep throat" with chills, fever and encephalitis at least 4-5 times in a 6-7 month time span.”
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