Applebee's, Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA, United States

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
Old York Road, Jenkintown, 19046 Pennsylvania, United States
Applebee's, Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA, United States
“We went to Applebee's last night (9-14-16) to celebrate a friend's 21st. We got to the restaurant around 9:10pm and we were served around 9:50/10pm. Most of us were under age so there was not a lot of drinking and definitely not to the point that it could induce vomiting. We all ordered appetizers (half price apps) everyone ordered pretty much the same thing except for ordering the Sriracha shrimp. Only one had the shrimp and now they are violently sick. It's too late to see a doctor at this time of noght/morning. We got back from Applebee's around 11:40pm then went to bed feeling full but fine around 12:30am. Around 3am the one friend who had the shrimp appetizer became ill and vomited before feeling "better" and attempting to sleep again. They woke up a few hours later (4:30-5am) with the urge to go to the bathroom. They had severe diarrhea then drank some water after feeling dehydrated and a few minutes later they were violently throwing up to the point where they were waking up others in the apartment and felt as though they were throwing up their intestines. They had the shrimp, and bbq boneless wings and a Miller lite for dinner. We ruled out the chicken because others at the table had it and no one was sick, the shrimp was the only thing that was different. As for the alcohol, one Miller Lite is not enough to induce vomiting.”
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