Aquarium Restaurant, Water Street, Denver, CO, USA

Food Poisoning 11 months ago
Water Street, Denver, 80211 Colorado, United States
Aquarium Restaurant, Water Street, Denver, CO, USA
“Ordered appetizer platter the calimari was chewy/rubbery, lobster crab dip tasted like dirty dish water and the chicken in the enchiladas was pink. Ordered one side of hush puppies, they were dripping greased from the bottom of the cone along with tasting dirty fish water.
My friend ordered the Bayou City etouffe and could not finish it due to the overwhelming peppery taste. The shrimp was not cleaned/deveined properly, still had poop inside it! There was only one scallop in the entire dish and the side toast was burnt, hard, and dry. The three slices were more like giant croutons.
The grilled shrimp and grilled mahi mahi was drenched in a garlic sauce that was not described on the menu. I’m allergic to garlic! The steamed vegetables (zucchini, squash, carrot, and red onions) that came with the grilled seafood were soft, old, and limp.
I immediately stopped eating, but my husband finished eating his steak/lobster and the hush puppies. Within an hour after eating them he was very sweaty, nauseous, and had diarrhea spending 30+ mins in the restaurant bathroom.
The only good thing about our dinner was the alcoholic drinks which we ordered from the bar. We spent 2 hrs (6-8pm on a Tuesday) with a barely half way filled restaurant. This entire experience at a place that’s suppose to be fresh and fun was not at all worth the $200 bill.”
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