Arby's, Edwardsville Road, Troy, IL, USA

Food Poisoning 9 months ago
Edwardsville Road, Troy, 62294 Illinois, United States
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Arby's, Edwardsville Road, Troy, IL, USA
Bacon Beef n’ Cheddar, Large Curly Fry, Large Diet Coke, 4 packs of Horsey Sauce

Bought & ate about 3 am; immediately noticed a slightly funny taste. Didn’t taste spoiled but there was something that just tasted off - I slather their Horsey sauce on everything so I think that masked the “off” flavor, but I couldn’t determine if it was the fries, sandwich, or Horsey sauce. I immediately started feeling queasy and finally just threw everything out. I had only ate half the sandwich, a few fries, and some Horsey sauce. Even threw out the fountain soda for good measure. Tried to go to bed afterwards, but I just laid there and finally about 3:45 am, I began vomiting. And kept vomiting. About 4 am I had gotten it out of my system but then the gurgle stomach and cramps started and have been going on still now (7:22 am). I no longer feel queasy but the upset stomach is still there along with a general feeling of mailaise.”
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