Arby's, Utah 9, Hurricane, UT, United States

Poisoned 3 years ago
Utah 9, Hurricane, 84737 Utah, United States
Arby's, Utah 9, Hurricane, UT, United States
“I ate at Arby's in Hurricane Utah. I've been getting the same turkey ranch bacon wrap salad with a salted caramel cookie everyday or every other day for about a couple months straight and on july 4th - I got it it two days in a row and I noticed that it kind of taste different but I thought maybe they changed some kinda cheese or something on it. It wasn't nasty but it didn't taste the way it used to. I went ahead and ate it and started feeling sick around 7:00 at night and within a couple of hours I was already getting stomach pains. By 5:00 in the morning I had to run to the toilet and I was throwing up and having the runs at the same time that I was coming out of my nose my mouse and then I was having diarrhea all at the same time for about three days. I was seen by Dr. And that was the only thing that I had to eat, he determined that it was down to food poisoning.

So it needs to be report because my husband got food poisoning from there about eight months ago and he will never eat any Arby's at all. So something is definitely going on there and this is in hurricane Utah. Thank you.”
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Diagnosis: Doctor visit
1 person had — diarrhea and vomiting
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