Arni's Restaurant, East 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
East 96th Street, Indianapolis, 46240 Indiana, United States
Arni's Restaurant, East 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN, USA
“I am writing to inform you of an experience I had at your restaurant located at River Ridge Crossing, 4705 E 96th St, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

On Friday December 16, 2016, I ordered the lunch special of pizza with pepperoni and sausage and a salad with French dressing, as a carryout. I went back to my office and ate lunch and, not long after, I began to feel very, very ill. My coworkers became so worried that they called an ambulance and I was taken to Indiana University Health where I diagnosed and treated for food poisoning.
On Monday December 19, 2016, I called the restaurant and explained what happened and the response was “well nobody else got sick”. Following the rude and unprofessional comment, the person assured me that a manager would call me back. I gave her my contact information and no one ever called me from Arni’s.
I’ve attached the medical bills incurred as a result of the food poisoning. My insurance company has paid a portion of the bills from my HRA account. I am asking that you pay the facilities directly for the original billed amount; once they have received your payment they will reimburse the HRA account. I was never contacted and I'm paying a bill from the hospital know

Thank you,”
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