Asian Box, East Brokaw Road, San Jose, CA, United States Food Poisoning

Poisoned 1 year ago
East Brokaw Road, San Jose, 95131 California, United States
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Asian Box, East Brokaw Road, San Jose, CA, United States
“I ate the Garden Box on the menu, which consisted of Tofu, Coconut Curry, brown rice, steamed veggies, beans sprouts, with peanut and fried shallots on top.
I also ordered my two year old son a side of plain brown rice that was completely seperate from my dish.
Later that evening I became violently ill with watery diarrhea and was vomiting at the same time for the next several hours. I had chills and abdominal cramps, and could not keep water down the following morning. I admitted myself into urgent care around 11:30am that morning and was given multiple bags of fluid for severe dehydration. My blood and urine were tested, but not stool. The doctor told me that the tests showed I had a bacteria infection.
After today I now know that a stool sample is needed, per the Santa Clara Health Department.
As I’m typing this, I’m going on the third day with extreme headaches and body pain and weakness. This has been horrible as I am a full-time Mom to a two year old.
And I cannot shake the idea that if my son would have had anything else on that menu, what would have happened to him as a small little being. I would not just be lying here writing on this page that’s for sure.
I am positive that I got food poisoning from this restaurant for many reasons. But it never seems that the one-case victim has any real credit.”
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