Batesville, MS, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Batesville, 38606 Mississippi, United States
Batesville, MS, USA
“I frequently purchase Dunkin Donuts Bottled beverages from my Kroger's gas station in batesville, Ms. Today is March 25, 2018. Being a frequent customer and consumer that has never been disappointed I did not think to check the expiration date. Today I learned my lesson to even if it is a trusted location. I drank some as you normally would and about a quarter of the way through I realized it had a funny taste but never thought anything of it and a few more sips in i got a big chunk of what I assumed to be spoiled milk. I spit it out and then it dawned on me to check the date as I said before today is March 25, 2018 and this product expired October 29, of 2017. That is 5 months and totally unacceptable as I have worked in retail when I was younger. It is now about an hour after consuming and I feel absolutely sick and nauseous and I am considering going to the doctor. I have never felt this bad before and will not be purchasing these for a while as it has ruined my love for this product. I contacted Kroger and was told it wasn't their problem and I have emailed Dunkin Donuts customer service and am waiting for a reply.”
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