Bawarchi Biryani Point, North Point Court, Alpharetta, GA, USA Food Poisoning

Poisoned 9 months ago
2500 North Point Court, Alpharetta, 30022 Georgia, United States
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Buffet , “Very Very Very Very horrible experience. I went to this restaurant 2 and half weeks ago with 2 coworkers and 1 of our vendors that we hired to help complete an Information Technology project for our company. We decided to eat here because this restaurant is literally 3 minutes from our company in Alpharetta and we've never eaten there. The outside of the restaurant looks decent. When we all walked in I noticed that there were several open pitchers of water that look as if they had been sitting there for days. The food looked okay or so I thought. After the waiter found us a table and started pouring our waters we all started to drink our water and noticed that their water was very warm and tasted funny. Next we started eating their buffet and the food was horrible. Too salty, too spicy, and in the process of eating my second piece of chicken. I noticed that their chicken was noticeably undercooked. I've eaten Indian food plenty of times and never tasted anything so disgusting. Afterwards we left and paid for our food an I started feeling extremely ill 3 or 4 hrs later. I started vomiting my bile,the food I ate, and sweating very hard with severe chest pains. My boss and 1 of my coworkers rushed me to the hospital in Roswell. Doctors took CT scans and bloodwork and the results showed I was food poisoned to the point my bowels became partially twisted. I vomited for 6 hours straight. It was so bad that I ended spending 4 straight days in Wellstar hospital in Roswell,GA. I couldn't keep anything down for 4 days consecutively but Ginger ale and jello. I was constantly pumped through the IV with a lot of fluids and antibiotics every day for 4 days straight. I was released after another CT scan showed my bowels were returned to normal and good form. I am a healthy young male, who stays in shape at 29 yrs old, and I get regular checkups. I only had food and liquids that entire day from this restaurant. I read were this establishment failed the health inspection 5 or 6 months ago on Georgia's health inspection website after being released from the hospital. My coworkers also said that they woke up the next morning walking very fast to the toilet with diarrhea and stomach cramps but faded after a couple of hours. I ended up getting the worst out of the bunch. PLEASE AVOID THIS RESTAURANT AT ALL COSTS IF YOU VALUE YOUR HEALTH!! I honestly thought I wouldn't make out of that hospital alive. I never experienced anything like that in my entire life that made me think would I live or die. I hope that no one ever has to go through the pain and suffering that I experienced due to eating at this restaurant. God bless you all.❤”
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