Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

Poisoned 1 year ago
La Altagracia, Dominican Republic
Bayahibe, Dominican Republic
“Translated: I took a passion fruit juice that in the country they call chinola. I am allergic to passion fruit and it causes diarrhea and upset stomach for 24 hours, but in that case it lasted 4 days, even if I had only taken 1/3 of a glass (the time to realize that it was passion fruit ... because the taste was slightly different) I was convinced that it had been because of the tap water they used .. I want to give my testimony so that it is investigated.. I felt better after 2 days taking medicines.
Original: Tomé un jugo de maracuyá qué en el país llaman chinola. Soy alergico alla maracuyá y me causa diarrea in malestar estomacal por 24 horas però ennese caso me duro 4 dias aún que hubiese tomado solo 1/3 de vaso ( el tiempo de darme cuenta que era maracuyá.. pues el sabor era ligeramente distinto) me convencí que había sido a causa del agua de la llave usada .. quiero dar mi testimonio para que se investigue por ese lado.. me pasó solo con 2 días medicamentos.”
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