Buffalo Wild Wings, Home Drive, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
Home Drive, Pittsburgh, 15275 Pennsylvania, United States
Buffalo Wild Wings, Home Drive, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
“Ordered wings with celery and ranch. Noticed an 'odd' smell on the celery only after eating half of a stalk. The smell was like it sat in a vat with other celery that was rotted. That evening my stomach hurt and I was gassy. The next day, I woke up with a running nose and headache. That afternoon I had was seemed like a full blown cold, and bad stomach pains/gassy. Never have had a cold like this, it is different and I usually never get sick during the summer. I also very rarely have stomach discomfort from eating out and have never had heartburn etc so, I'm fairly resilient from foods. This was different though. I felt queasy like I was going to throw up, and still feel it days later. Everytime I think of BWW I get even more queasy. It will be some time before I consider eating celery. I'm also fairly certain this did not come from the wings themselves as they were actually very overcooked and almost hard to eat.”
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