Buffalo Wild Wings, North Bridge Street, Chillicothe, OH, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
North Bridge Street, Chillicothe, 45601 Ohio, United States
Buffalo Wild Wings, North Bridge Street, Chillicothe, OH, USA
“My family and I last night ordered (03/29/18) 20 traditional Asian zing, 12 honey BBQ boneless, and 12 Thia Curry boneless wings from our local Chillicothe, Ohio establishment. I’ve previously had allergic reactions to chicken wings not being completely cooked, therefore I ALWAYS order them to be EXTRA crispy. I stressed EXTRA crispy numerous times while placing my order and told them why. I get them home to start eating and they don’t taste EXTRA crispy. I ate a couple wings and they had seemed to be okay, but weren’t extra crispy, how I ordered them. So, I immediately called in to talk to the manager on duty. She pretty much told me that I was lying, her cook cooked them for a few minutes extra, and that they were extra crispy. She was VERY rude about it and hung up the phone. She refused to even replace the order. After the phone call, I bit into another wing. It was EXTREMELY BLOODY!! My wife immediately started freaking out and called back into the establishment to talk to the manager again. My wife told her that there was NO possible way that they were cooked as long as she said because there was BLOOD pouring out of them!! The manager continued to be extremely rude and hung up on my wife. I kept the entire order (20) of chicken wings to take into the establishment today and speak with another manager besides that one. The manager I spoke to in person at the establishment was also VERY rude and threatened to call the police on me and have me barred from the establishment for life. Due to their unprofessional behavior, I have pictures, as well as the wings I originally ordered that are BLOODY, and have contacted our local Health Department to make a report. Bloody (not cooked) chicken wings are a health jazz art and can be extremely dangerous! Since when is the customer and their heath not the #1 priority? It was extremely obvious that the Chillicothe, Ohio management team does NOT care about their customers or their health otherwise it would have been handled in a different PROFESSIONAL manner! I asked them for their general managers number and/or corporate number and they told me they weren’t allowed to give out that information. I’ve worked in food service almost my entire life and I KNOW this is NOT how situations like this are suppose to be handled!!! We were treated as though we were the ones in the wrong, but we aren’t the ones serving the public bloody, not cooked chicken wings!!!!!!”
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