Burger King, 530 West Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ, USA Food Poisoning

poisoned 1 month ago
530 Apache Trail, Apache Junction, 85120 Arizona, United States
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Burger King Corporate Office & Headquarters

January 14 2019

Greeting, Last week I asked my Wife to get us burgers, this was in the afternoon hours. ’Whoppers’ fry’s rings for dinner. This was a Saturday afternoon. I eat the rings and the fries, some of the burger. Put the rest in the fridge went to bed. Hours later my wife was having bad Diarrhea for hours. I awaken went to work for the 3 third shift came back home had the rest of the whopper. Later around 2 p.m. I awaken with a bad stomach ace. I had a soda to release the stomach pain, in minutes I was Vomiting for 3 hours. My face turn pail. My wife came home and asked if I need to go to urgent care? Then I pasted out two hours later a waken and Vomiting again, I call in sick that night.

January 14 2019, I went to the restaurant and asked who is in charge of this location. I told him what I written to you. And he said the only thing I could do is to refund the fries. I said no! I took the $5.25 cents to an elderly couple and gave the money to them. He came back and asked if he could photo copy the recipe and he will give it back to me. He came back and refuse to give me the original recipe. I said do I need to call the police to have that piece of paper since you didn’t give me it back. He said I wish you would.
My Wife and I Been eating your food for 6 years. We have never had any problems. I lost a day of work, The person in charge wanted give me that recite back. That recite was a work deductible expense. After I send this letter, I will be reporting your location the heath department of Arizona.”
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2 people had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting