Burger King, A1(M), Wetherby, UK

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
A1(M), LS22 5GT England, United Kingdom
Burger King, A1(M), Wetherby, UK
“I just got back from a flight from Stansted I ordered a chicken burger xl at around 6pm I started feeling stomach cramps immediately but ignored it as I thought that it was because I ate on an empty stomach at around 8pm when I woke up after sleeping in the car I felt horrible like I was going to be sick but I never did when I got home an hour later I was in so much pain I felt clammy and was sick for a good 5 minutes after that I felt relieved for about half hour as I had a hot water bottle on my stomach then the pain came back my jaw clenched and my stomach spewed up more chicken in thick lumps I decided to go to bed to sleep it if I crawled up in a ball after ten minutes of being asleep I puked several times my mother comforted me and made sure I was alright she told me to sleep it of but I was in so much discomfort at the time it was hard to but I managed to slowly drift off at around 1 in the morning I woke up with more pain and this time was hard to puke so I helped myself by making my self gag I then puked up more chicken this time wondering how long this pain will last at this point I rushed to the toilet with very loose stools I sat there worried every time I pushed , my stomach would hurt and I was close to being sick I then went back to bed only to be awoke at 4 in the morning by this time sharp pains and my body was trying to be sick I led on the floor crying my stomach heaving nothing coming out until this time more lumps of chicken came out, my body struggling to make anything more come out until after 2 minutes of painful heaving some more chicken came out this time with some specs of blood I was so worried with what was happening nothing else came out after this but my body still heaving very hard making me gag and shake, it felt like someone was jumping hard on my belly to make something come out I was crying asking my mother to make it stop she calmed me down I took some deep breathes struggling to breath from the convulsions at this point it slowly went but still left stomach pains I was once again comforted asleep in the morning I still had stomach pains but no vomiting after this”
Reported By Iwaspoisoned.com User
Doctor Visit : Yes
Diagnosis: Norovirus
1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting