Burger King, Bauer Farm Drive, Lawrence, KS, USA

Poisoned 11 months ago
Bauer Farm Drive, Lawrence, 66049 Kansas, United States
Burger King, Bauer Farm Drive, Lawrence, KS, USA
“At first glance, the location looks disheveled grass overgrown, weeds and trash in the parking lot. Pull up to the drive thru greeted, 'Can you wait a sec....' waited a minute - meanwhile the place is dead at 5 PM on June 1st 2019.
Ordered the grilled chicken parmesan meal for my dad, after a long pause the order stated, 'Yeah what else?' without asking what I wanted to drink. Figuring it was her first day asked for a diet coke. 'yeah what else?' she replies. Get myself a chicken tenders meal with a sprite/Sierra mist. 'Is that it?' Long pause, decide to pull forward, was told to park since the tenders would take 6 minutes. After the food was brought out, it occurred to me that she forgot to ask me about dipping sauce. Walk through the front door, instantly smell mold/mildew in vestibule (probably the carpet from all the rain) Stood there while the manager, pretty rough lady, was telling the two young female employees how to fix this gentleman's order because they overcharged him. Tried waving to make eye contact, proceeded to wait 3-5 minutes and finally decided to walk up to the counter to ask for buffalo sauce. Long story short, I was already sketched out by their lack of customer service and cleanliness in the kitchen area. I honestly warned my dad not to eat the sandwich as it was smushed and looked burnt. He proceeded to eat it anyways. To be honest the tenders were cooked correctly. At around 3 am, I hear my dad, a 70 year old man, throw up 3 times in the night and (sorry ahead of time) explosive diarrhea...Even though I thought the tenders were good, I too, have stomach pains and have gone to the bathroom 5+ times. When two men over 6' tall, me being 240, workout regularly in good shape and my dad 275, at 70 years old, make this many trips to the rest room, definitely means we have food poisoning. We've had it before but this takes the cake, ruined our weekend having to take care of him. Recap: Sharp stomach pains, nausea, consistent diarrhea, dehydration”
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