Burger King, North Conway, Conway, North Conway, New Hampshire, USA Food Poisoning

Poisoned 1 month ago
Conway, 03860 New Hampshire, United States
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“bought 2 cheese burgers and 2 $1.00 10 pc chicken nuggets and a soda at about 745 pm wife ate one burger and a nugget or two (** no bbq sauce in building**) i ate a burger and one order of nuggets and a couple from hers. by 1 am i was sick throwing up and have diarrea horrible today. wife felt ok as she only ate 1 or 2 chicken nuggets.
I have worked in the food industry for 40 years......OBVIOUS case of food poisoning!!!!
I know BK will do nothing, but maybe give you your money back after jumping through their hoops (another waste of time for a refund of a $5.00 meal) its rather insulting to say heres your money back and we'll just call it even when you paid for a "SAFE" food product and you are the one paying the price of being sick.....i have plenty of food that could be given out for FREE, its that it just might make you sick or kill you........WANT SOME? same concept as bk giving you your money back...feel better now???
BY THE WAY this is the 3rd time over maybe 5-10 years that this place's food has made me sick and i have a cast iron stomach not much if anything other than BAD FOOD makes me sick.
Never had a problem at McDonalds that is just down the street. I know where I will NEVER EAT AGAIN at BK as even the thought of your food right now makes me sick.
All my business and references by word of mouth and the internet platforms which there are lots to send the message that BURGER KING food has a high potential at this location of making you sick (in my experience) and do not eat at these business's as it is a do so at your own risk to your health as all you MIGHT get other than possibly deathly ill, vomiting, diarea,headache, loss of a day of your life in productivity.... is ...maybe your money back in return for your trusting patronage”
Reported By Iwaspoisoned.com User
1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting


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