Burger King, Wendover Boulevard, West Wendover, NV, United States


Jerry 2018-04-14 08:12
I believe you. It sounds like you suffered intensely from ingesting a bad bacteria of some sort. I have a similarly interesting situation; interesting because it's not confined to just one incident. I'm from California, and over the years, I've stayed and played (in the casino hotels) in Wendover a lot. It's a long drive just to get to Wendover; about 700 miles from where I live. As my trips always involve a lot of stops along the way,--for everything from gambling, to eating, to taking a break to stretch my legs, to dozing for awhile when I get tired, to grabbing coffee and some snacks to wake me up again, it usually takes me two days just to get here (I'm in Wendover as I write this), as I'll spend the first night of the journey in Reno (sometimes Winnemucca, if I can make it that far), and then continue on to Wendover the second day. I go faster now than I did when I was making this same journey over 25 years ago. I probably averaged about 65 mph in the old 20th-century relics that I used to drive (the speed limit on I-80 was only 70 back then), and now I average around 80 (the newer speed limit for many stretches of I-80 through Nevada) in the newer vehicles that can go that fast and faster, while not even seeming to go that fast. I caught myself going 96 recently in my Kia Sorrento, and I didn't even realize it. It felt like 65. That happens a lot these days. If I had pushed the cars that I owned 25 years ago to go 96, they would have blown apart, and I wouldn't even be here. (Okay, I'm exaggerating a little bit--but if you were driving cars back in the day, you know what death traps some of them were compared to modern vehicles. 96 WOULD NOT have been a safe speed.) The funny thing is, even though I'm going 10-20% faster than I used to, it STILL seems like it takes about the same amount of time to get here as it always did. I'm not noticing that I make progress a whole helluva lot quicker now than I did back in the day when I'm on my trips to Wendover. But I digress.........We were talking about bacteria(s)....... It's a fact of life out here. Now, I'm not saying that I get super-sick when I'm here (knock on wood), but I get the runs a lot when I come here--and it doesn't even matter WHAT I eat, or WHERE I buy my food when I'm here. I get the runs in Wendover A LOT. I can eat at the casino restaurants....Wendover McDonald's......Wendover Burger King......I can even buy food from the bakery and deli at Smith's supermarket in Wendover, and time and time again, the result is always the same. By reading about WHY this happens on the internet, I have begun to surmise that it has a lot to do with my body not having a tolerance to whatever microbes are flying around out here. Other people may have resistance--so my results won't be the same as others' results. In other words, some people may have immunity to the local microbes to varying degrees--and certainly, Wendover residents who've lived here all their lives, or for a long time are probably mostly immune to what affects me adversely, as well. But the fact is, if we could all see under a microscope the host of different microbes that constantly invade what we put in our stomachs--well, I think it's safe to say, most people would not want to see it. "Ignorance is bliss" is entirely applicable here...... At any rate, when a person "migrates" from one region to another, microbes that can (and evidently DO) get on food that is consumed can be DIFFERENT microbes than that person's system is used to. I don't have all the information that I wish I did have about WHICH microbes my system is used to and has built up immunity against in the region that I come from, but when I come to Wendover, I OFTEN get the runs, and I'm fairly convinced at this point that the "different microbes that my system isn't used to and does not have immunity against" theory holds a lot of weight. I believe it's possible that the reverse could be true; that someone who has lived in Wendover all their lives could come and spend time in Northern California where I live, and the shift in microbes that are pervasive in the area could cause that person to suffer the same ill effects that I suffer when I occasionally come out here. I believe that what happens to me in Wendover is a simple illustration of "cause and effect", and it really isn't any more complicated than just that. I never stay long enough to build up resistance to the local microbes, so my system gets blindsided all over again every time I come out here. I suppose if the volume of "foreign" microbes (i.e., the ones that my system isn't used to) entering my gut surpasses a certain threshold, then it shows up as symptoms (the runs), and if and when I DON'T have those symptoms while out here, it's probably because I was lucky enough not to consume too much of the "bad stuff", and was able to avoid crossing that threshold. I also have had REALLY BAD intestinal reactions when visiting Ely, Nevada, and eating the food there, as well as various other places--although, curiously enough, the effect is not nearly as pronounced when I visit both Elko and Jackpot--both of which are not very far away from here. There's something about this wicked desert salt-flat environment that wreaks havoc with my system. Maybe a bacteriologist would be able to shed more light on this topic--but all I know is, I better have my bottled water and my Gatorade (for re-hydration) when I come to Wendover, and be prepared to face the all-too-familiar downside of being here......