Cafe Le Brebant, Boulevard Poissonniere, Paris, France

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Boulevard Poissonniere, Paris, 75009 lle-de-France, France
Cafe Le Brebant, Boulevard Poissonniere, Paris, France
“I ate dinner tonight and was a little apprehensive about staying at the restaurant after seeing a mouse scurry around under our table but my French friend assured me that this happens in nice restaurants in Paris too so we proceeded to ordering the fruit de mer but a clam and oyster both had a mini crab and other crunchy textures inside the belly still. I started feeling the onset of stomach upset and told my friend I needed to go to the bathroom again (I had just peed). I barely made it to the stairs without vomiting in my hand...the womens bathrooms stalls were taken so I had no other option but to use the sink. It was gross but I felt better in the moment. Background I am quite a seafood fanatic and order it often so for example I had moules frites yesterday for dinner with no issues. The last time I got food poisoning was 3 years ago in San Diego from a Baja oyster (Mexico). I returned home in an uber so that I could shower and feel less stinky but a little while later I threw up again. Food poisoning is no fun. I could have spent those 60 on a ton of cheese instead. Sad night (”
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