Captain D's, Broadway Street, Anderson, IN, USA Food Poisoning

Poisoned 2 weeks ago
2701 Broadway Street, Anderson, 46012 Indiana, United States
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“I ate Captain Ds on Friday. I had the Catfish dinner with Okra, hushpuppies, a baked potato, and Mac and cheese. My symptoms started around 3 am Saturday morning. I felt nauseous and I couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t until 8 o clock when the diarrhea began. It lasted most of the day. That afternoon I picked up my exchange student from the airport and brought her home. No fever. Sunday I was fine and thought I felt better. We had a welcome party where I ate quite a bit of food. Then my stomach cramped again the rest of that day. Then Sunday morning at 2:45 am I threw up in bathroom and then the diarrhea began again. The fish I ate that day had a bit of a weird taste, and the texture was a little too soft. Maybe it was rotten?? It is now Monday and I’ve had diarrhea today and a few stomach cramps but nothing unbearable.”
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