Captain D's, Hickory, NC, USA


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2 days and 2 people gotten sick Read More

Jul 16 8:43am

Captain D's, Troy Road, Edwardsville, IL, USA

Symptoms: Vomiting


Shared the fried pickles and jalapeno poppers with my boyfriend. Later that evening he tells me his stomach hurts and in the morning I'm in the bathroom puking my guts out. I'm not one to get sick often and in fact I haven't been sick in 5 years until this incident. Read More

May 6 3:07am

Captain D's, McFarland Boulevard East, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

Symptoms: Diarrhea Fever Nausea


I ordered a sea food platter from here and a few minutes into eating it I felt sick...hours later I have a fever and diarrhea...going on day 2 now. Read More

Apr 12 7:25pm

Captain D's, East Independence Boulevard, Matthews, NC, USA

Symptoms: Diarrhea Fever Nausea Vomiting


Fish, Boyfriend and I ate at captain ds On friday night. We were both sick Saturday. I wad vommiting and with a fever. I was sick for 5 days. Doctor confirmed food poisoning. Read More

Dec 9 2:50pm

Captain D's, Highway 78 West, Jasper, AL, United States

Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting


2 piece Fish dinner w/fish fries; only meal I had in the course of the day apart from breakfast which was shared with family who exhibited no symptoms. Talen ill in the early morning hours and compelled to go to Urgent Care physicians; diagnosis was food poisoning. Read More

Oct 31 12:05am

Captain D's, Sam Nunn Boulevard, Perry, GA, United States

Symptoms: Nausea Vomiting


Lobster bisque soup, fried clams, and Seafood platter with stuffed Crab bake potatoe with sour Cream and butter is what I ate. Mac and Cheese and popcorn Shrimp green Beans is what 2 year old ate and vomited up Another adult ate the Seafood platter with Crab and some clams and is feeling very ill. I have receipts and going to dr in morning Read More


Went at 2:30 pm, by 3:30 felt sick to my stomach. I had the deluxe platter with fish, hush puppies, shrimp, slaw, mac and cheese, and we shared an order of Mozz sticks. My fiancé had the 5$ Chicken and Fish meal with Fries and mac and cheese. At 3:30 we started feeling sick to our stomach and by 4 I had thrown up and he has severe stomach cramping and using the restroom. By 5 I was feeling sick with craning as well. Read More