Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, 7, Wellington, FL, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
7, Wellington, 33414 Florida, United States
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, 7, Wellington, FL, USA
“My parents went out for dinner, and had ordered me a To-Go order of country fried steak, and had dropped it off for my at work within the hour. Although slightly cold, I heated it up, as well as the gravy and ate it at roughly 6:30pm. The following morning at 8:30am I woke up for work and got out of bed and immediately felt nauseous and proceeded to throw up in the bathroom for about 10 minutes. The sickness subsided and I went to work only to have diarrhea at roughly 10:30 am. And this was before I realized it could possibly be food poisoning or some sort of bug, but I went on to heat up the left over country fried steak and gravy, and then once again about 8 hours later I was having symptoms of stomach pains, Nausea and diarrhea. I’m not completely blaming the situation because I’m sure it could be from some other factor but just wanted to report it just in case.”
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