Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, Bass Pro Drive, Independence, MO, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Bass Pro Drive, Independence, 64055 Missouri, United States
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, Bass Pro Drive, Independence, MO, USA
“Went with family for dinner after black friday shopping around 6p.m. Wanted to order Monte Cristo but they were out and very very busy. I ordered a chicken parmesan with garlic toast and salad. Figuring it was not the salad as two of us had it and only I got sick. Food tasted okay but by two hours post meal things went very south for me. First symptom was unusual massive thirst, I rarely crave water but drank several glasses. Stomach churn followed and cramps. Two to three more hours went by and my stomach went from a gassed up boiling sensation to full on upset rocking in the bathroom pain and finally the inevitable result. I have had diarrhea severe enough to accompany bouts of nausea for 18 to 20 hours. I was the only one in our party to order this item and the only one to become ill thank goodness. No fever or viral symptoms other than fatigue from severe stomach distress. We had been busy on Friday so this was my only meal. First sour experience here, so sorry for all parties to have to put this out there but it has been a rather brutal experience.”
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