Cheesecake Factory, Memorial City Mall, Houston, TX, USA Claimed

Poisoned 1 year ago
Houston, 77024 Texas, United States
Cheesecake Factory, Memorial City Mall, Houston, TX, USA
“I ate at the Cheesecake Factory next to the Memorial City Mall in Texas on Wednesday November 21st 2018 in the evening. I tried to order a turkey sandwich but they were out, tried to order a Chicken pot pie and it was out too. So I ate the Tuscan Chicken plate. It is too darkin there to be able to see if your food is fully cooked. They were also super busy. About 12 hours later I got a sharp burning feeling in my abdomen just bellow my rib cage that came and went all day. I also felt nauseous, but tried hard not to puke as I was around family. In the evening I passed 2 soft green stools and thought that was hopefully it though my stomach still burned. At 5am Friday clear watery diarrhea began. I tried to eat safe foods like toast but everything ran right through me, very watery, the most severe diarrhea. The burning as well continued all day. It lasted until Sunday about noon. I spent Sunday fasting and only drinking water and pedialyte. Monday I continued my pedialyte and tried safe foods toast and crackers again. I am not out of the forrest yet. Thankfully not dehydrated, but have not had a bowel movement since Sunday. What sucks is this was the Thanksgiving holidays. I missed out on a lot of quality meals. I spent a lot of time sitting on a toilet.”
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