Chick-fil-A, South Staples Street, Corpus Christi, TX, United States Food Poisoning

Poisoned 1 year ago
4946 South Staples Street, Corpus Christi, 78411 Texas, United States
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“Three people at the table who ordered the chicken nuggets became violently ill within 6-8 hours. I ate the most nuggets and was almost hospitalized. My son missed a day of school, and my friend suffered the same severity of symptoms I did but had to drive feeling like that.

My symptoms started about an hour after I fell asleep. I woke up and could not get comfortable, and I felt my stomach knotting up periodically. I gave up, knowing what was coming, and let it all go about 2 AM. I was in the restroom in howling pain for at least 3 hours, chills, fevers, cold sweats, incredible abdominal cramps, dry heaving, delirium, high fever. This subsided for a for a few hours until I tried to drink some water and I was back in the restroom again for another hour throwing up green liquid, and a lot of it. After the cramps subsided I got another cold sweat and an intense feeling of relief, so I took the opportunity to take some Zofran, and the vomiting subsided for the remainder of the illness, but the nausea was still very present. For the next two days I felt like I had literally fallen off a cliff. I know how that feels because I fell 40' off a cliff once and broke quite a few bones and dislocated a couple of major joints.

That's what eating at Chickfila feels like.”
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3 people had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting