Chick-fil-A, Texas 121, Euless, TX, USA

Poisoned 11 months ago
Texas 121, Euless, 76039 Texas, United States
Chick-fil-A, Texas 121, Euless, TX, USA
“Thursday morning 6/6/2019...I ordered a biscuit like I do about once a week. After eating half of it, I bit into a grease pocket in the chicken which I immediately spit into a napkin. I went to work & about 20-30 min later, I started to feel a pain in my chest that was excruciating so I had to stop working & find an acid pill. Took the pill & drank a carbonated small drink to help me belch, which it did many times to relieve the pain. I made it thru the rest of the day (without eating) but when I got home I got really hot all of a sudden & doubled over in pain. I ended up with diarrhea all night long, along with cold chills for hours, then hot sweats for hours, back & forth till my husband ended up taking me to the ER the next morning 6/7/19. They said that it was food poisoning & gave me fluids, potassium & did blood work to be sure. Hours later I went home. The diarrhea continued the rest of the day & night & turned to mucus & blood so I ended up BACK in the ER the next morning 6/8/19. I was still freezing/burning up off and on. They gave me morphine for the abdominal pain which helped but cant really do anything else. Said it has to run its course till its gone but did give me anti-diarrheal meds which I am still taking. Today is 6/10/19 & i'm still having problems but not as frequent. I'm self-employed, have lost $700 in those days I was hospitalized....not to mention how-ever much the hospital will bill me for after paying $50 to start with & my husbands loss of work on 6/7/19.. I will NEVER eat there again! This is a living hell....I really hope they compensate me for my losses.”
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