China Bistro, South Carson Street, Carson City, NV, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
South Carson Street, Carson City, 89701 Nevada, United States
China Bistro, South Carson Street, Carson City, NV, USA
“Ordered last Monday (last monday of June) through GrubHub and severe stomach pain, cramps, and nausea started within no more than an hour. I couldn't even drink water without upsetting tummy. Next day, about 15 hours later, I was very dehydrated and toll a few small sips of water as mouth was so dry I couldn't talk. Immediately it triggered severe dry heaving and vomiting . I didn't even make it to toilet but my sink plumbing got a work out. My stomachs was cramping and nauseated all day and I couldn't drink even a tiny amount of whatever without making that worse. I missed work with only an hour of notice given, boss was not pleased. My Dr. Was booked and couldn't see me. The next day I was able to force some dry toast and jello down with a tiny bit of Gatorade but it immediately started gas, nausea, stomach pain. Very dehydrated now. My insurance won't pay for e.r. and Dr. Was Booked. Dr wanted me to go to urgent care but by time he contacted me, they had closed at 5:30. Wednesday, The Next day I could keep down fluids but was still dehydrated and very weak and hungry . I had to eat something as hunger was making sleeping impossible so around 5 am . I ate a bowl of golden grams and drained off all milk that was left after cereal was moistened. It helped but still made me gasy and nauseated. That night I had a bottle of gatorade and a pb and jelly sandwich at work. Same reaction. I still had not had a BM but I had not eaten anything Monday when I ordered the Chinese food late night. When I first felt ill I took a dose of Imodium. I needed the energy to work and I also knew I needed to start my bowels up to finish eliminating the. Poison. Friday when I woke up , I had a very bad cramping and immediately passed a normal bowel movement. Later that day it started to soften up and looked loose and grainy, not healthy. I then had two very bad bowel movements in which I could barely get to the bathroom and they were watery with weird looking solid matter and mucus .I did eat a bowl of chicken carrots and barley soup at work end some vanilla wafers. That still gave me some nausea and cramps All these days everything I ate or drank, tasted metallic and nasty . To get sleep I broke down and took a dose of Imodium and Gas-X . Thankfully it stopped it for the night and I got some sleep Saturday morning, I immediately got stomach cramps again and the had very watery run to the bathroom diarrhea . Still was mostly liquid but did have some pieces of food in it and had mucus. Also had a pudding consistency. However Saturday thing stop tasting like metal finally the taste is not 100% yet . Food stopped making me nauseous . However within 30 minutes of eating anything even if couple bites , triggers another round of loose to diarrhea bowel movement. I needed some meat and so I had a plain burger with onion and squash on the side . First time I didn't feel starving in five days . However I still had a three bouts with diarrhea that day . Today I ate a handful of Mike and it's jelly candy as I craved sweet that is already triggered one bout today. I honestly don't know when this thing is going to clear out of my system but as fast as it hit and how long it has lasted , it was a bad case. I am considering consulting urgent care tomorrow if I can get in it doesn't cost too much . Oh , I had ordered three dishes from there that night . I did eat a few bites of pork fried rice which tasted extremely salty even without soy sauce . I ate a few bites of the chow mein and chicken and that had no flavor and very starchy pasty noodles . Lemon chicken had a decent taste but this was soggy because they slathered all the sauce on the side putting it outside like I asked . I ate it maybe a third to half of that , just the meat. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great either . I had asked for the sauce on the side and they soaked it so it was a bit soggy. I found it funny that for somebody that had not eaten that day , that my stomach was suddenly full that telling me I was full after eating that small meal. I didn't realize my stomach was trying to tell me danger if I got this sick from eating so little , it scares me how sick I would've gotten if I had eaten more . Still not well and this is the 6st day. The business refunded me for the entire meal, already contacted them.”
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