Chipotle Mexican Grill Las Vegas, NV Food Poisoning

Poisoned 2 years ago
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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“My 26 yr old son, Jon, and I are visiting my Sister who lives in Las Vegas. 10/2 thru 10/8/16. We are from Illinous. Wed afternoon while running errands we passed a Chipotle. Jon likes Chipotle back home, but the rest of us can't handle spicy food... So Jon ordered some carry-out for dinner about 3:30 pm, He ate some sample chicken they gave him and two of 4 tacos he ordered. We stopped by the house, put the remaining tacos in the fridge, picked up my sisters husband and left for an appointment. We were back home to eat dinner around 5:30 and Jon wasn't feeling well. He didn't eat the rest of his dinner, fell asleep on the couch holding his stomach and moaning. We headed back to our hotel early, as we planned a long day trip to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park on Thursday. He threw up out the car window on the way to the hotel (much to the dismay of the guy tailgating us down Boulder Highway!) Jon had diarrhea and threw up twice more in the night, but he REALLY didn't want to miss the mountains, he said he felt better, though he was sore from dry heaves. He Took some Pepto Bismol and ate some toast, so we headed out. The car ride and altitude change caused him the have hiccups ALL DAY which made his gut hurt, by afternoon he was curled up and moaning. We headed back and planned to find an emergency treatment place, but we were nowhere near anything. The descent down thru the mountains made him throw up twice more, with maybe a 20 min letup between being sick. We stopped at a gas station to let him clean up, while I cleaned out the car and floor mats. He's shaky, but not green anymore and not hiccuping any more. We came straight back to the hotel, where he is now sleeping. While he may be better tomorrow, he won't be up to doing much and hasnt been able to keep any food down since breakfast Wed.
Chipotle cost us at least 2-3 days of our 5 day vacation- the first time I've been able to come see my sister since I was pregnant with Jon 27 years ago!”
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