Chips Ahoy Cookies, Publix, Hollywood, FL, USA

Food Poisoning 2 weeks ago
Hollywood, Florida, United States
Chips Ahoy Cookies, Publix, Hollywood, FL, USA
“Went there, bought fried chicken, ate it was delicious. 2 hours later i remembered i had the cookies, they were the $1 small bag so i ate them. An hour later i started to feel sick like i was gonna get a fever.felt sick for about an hour just thugged it out, continued playing video games until i decided it was getting worst. Got up went to the bathroom and just started pooping. Got up left,felt better was watching tv and then i was like damn its not going away so 2nd round. Straight water, my gf thought i was peeing really fast. Stayed in the br for 20 mins till it was over decided to shower guess what it happend again straight water.bathed my self clean and then 15mins later it happened :( im so mad im never buying chips ahoy again. Its so bad that i cant believe im still squirting water out my ass like i dont even know how its possible. I had like 2 glasses of water all daym”
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