Dairy Queen Store, South Eddy Street, Pecos, TX, United States


Sandra Monzo 2017-04-10 12:00
Food poisoning from sushi at Tomo's in Goodyear, Az. Terrible stomach cramps hours late and vomiting. No diarreaha. Sore stomach for 3 days ,so far and low fever. My dr. was on call and prescribed antibiotics,Cypro. I am gradually getting better, but not yet on third day. Have eaten only a little rice and scrambled eggs with toast and a little butter this morning. Not sure if the antibiotics are needed, but I do't want to take any chances. I feel too miserable. Tomos said all their sushi is frozen, and safe, except for the salmon which is not, so what did it. So remember that. Or only eat Sushi on the coasts,as my Dr. said