Dakota Spur Steak Ranch, Northumberland Avenue, Northgate, South Africa

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Northumberland Avenue, Johannesburg, 2162 Gauteng, South africa
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Total all time sick persons: 2
Dakota Spur Steak Ranch, Northumberland Avenue, Northgate, South Africa
“On New years day 2018, My friend and I and our two daughter togethers checked in at Spurs Northgate for a breakfast but got there a bit late for it and opted to have a branch. As a starter I ordered a prawns with cheese and my friend ordered a garlic roll as a starter. My daughter ordered a chicken pizza as a main meal while my friend's daughter ordered fish with prawns meal. Then I ordered the same meal as that one of my friend's daughter being fish with prawns. My friend ordered a burger with chips.
The whole day we never ate anything as we were full. Later at night I started to shiver and had a terrible diarrhea. The following morning (02/01/2018), my friend's daughter also started to have the same symptoms but hers were severe as she had to be rushed to ER as she was vomiting uncontrollably. The girl was released on the same day after they gave her the drip and took samples. I took over the counter medication.
The following day (03/01/2018), I called Spurs Northgate telling them about the incident and found the manager by the name Cynthia and she told me the owner of the shop was not at the shop but will call first thing in the morning.
The following day (04/01/2018), the shop owner called me and quickly defended the restaurant,”
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2 people had — diarrhea and fever
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