Daleahs, Johannesburg, South Africa

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
De Berrs St, Johannesburg, 2001 Gauteng, South Africa
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Daleahs, Johannesburg, South Africa
“Daleah's Eatery in Braamfontein I am writing this email to report a case of food poisoning that I suffered after I had consumed a serving of a Creamy Pesto pasta ( without chicken and extra halumi ). I went into the restaurant for a late meet up with a friend for some food on Tuesday 11 july 2017 around 16:30 they had already placed their order on my arrival. I placed my order received my meal, enjoyed my meal like always and then after 15 minutes or so I started feeling slight cramping in my stomach I didn't take it seriously. Around 17:30 as I left the restaurant I was overwhelmed by intense nausea and instantly started vomiting my friend i was with acted with great skillfulness and speed find me a ride that rushed my to the hospital. At this point I was suffering from intense stomach pains and could barely stand or walk the pain proceeded for close to 3 hours. This was the only meal I had eaten that day as I was breaking my fasting period I was taken to Millpark hospital where i was admitted and put on a drip to flush the toxins in my stomach, reduce the pain and balance the ph levels of my blood and stomach content. I was then taken to get X rays and blood tests don't to check if the illness was caused by a pre existing medical condition and all the results came back clear and the doctors concluded that it was food poisoning they wrote out a medical report and filled up a prescription i need to take for a month.”
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1 person had — fever, nausea and vomiting