Denny's, East Cedar Lane, Fruitland, MD, United States

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
East Cedar Lane, Fruitland, 21826 Maryland, United States
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Denny's, East Cedar Lane, Fruitland, MD, United States
“I went to Denny's yesterday and ordered the veggie beef soup,1hour later still at Denny's I started to vomit,it was like a jet.I felt fainting and weak I just wanted to go home,we were already paying when it happened.
My husband had finished the soup for me , because I had stop eating and it didn't tasted​ exactly bad,but it was thick,looked like it was sitting there for a while.
When I got home I threw up at least 4 more times and had diarrhea.My blood pressure got very low and I passed out.At 4:30 it was my poor hubby's turn,He felt very dizzy and nauseated,got up quick and as he threw up he passed out,hit his neck and ear at the cabinet.
That was scary,he had called me before so I was on my (slowly moving because I was very nauseated too)to see him.
I turned him to the side and opened his mouth to clear the airways,cleared his mouth so he could breath freely.
That was a terrible moment,he had a time cut in his ear,but enough scared me.
So I was about to call 911,when he came to.
Now we are both resting, having diarrhea,I'm still throwing up.
He is sleeping.
But an word of caution ask when was this soup made?”
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1 person had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting