Denny's, Harbor Drive, Oceanside, CA, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
Harbor Drive, Oceanside, 92054 California, United States
Denny's, Harbor Drive, Oceanside, CA, USA
“I ordered online for pick up when I arrived to Oceanside. I’ve eaten at this particular Denny’s and it’s been good food and no problems until now. I was held up in traffic and picked up my order 18 minutes later than I when the app said it would be ready but I don’t believe an 8 minute delay had anything to do with my food poisoning.

I ordered the new meat lovers slam consisting of two scrambled eggs, 3 bacon strips and three link sausages and two pancakes. I ate the eggs, bacon and sausage and was going to eat the pancakes after a break. In about twenty minutes I started feeling severe discomfort to my stomach which over about 2 hours became extremely painful and very nauseating.

About 5 to 6 hours after eating I stayed throwing up the contents of my stomach. Multiple bouts of throwing up occurred over the course of just over an hour. I continued to be in a lot discomfort, pain and nausea in my stomach. I tried Tums and Zofran to relieve the symptoms which only partly helped. I then lay down.

Several hours later I started feeling the beginnings of diarrhea. Shortly after I had to hobble-run to the bathroom for my first diarrhea attack, which was painful. After an hour in the bathroom I went back to bed, took some Imodium Multisympton and tried to sleep.

An hour or two later I had another hobble-run to the bathroom for about 40 minutes this time. Again I returned to bed to try and get some sleep after taking a third Imodium tablet.

Once more I had a bout of diarrhea and again returned to bed and took my 4th and final Imodium pill for the night/day. I was feeling better, not good, but better. I was now able to start rehydration.

All in all, a horrible experience. I’ve only experienced food poisoning previously in other countries and those were under-developed countries.

Which product from Denny’s had given me the food poisoning? It was the first and only place I had eaten in over 14 hours so they are the only possible suspect. I’m not one to make a big issue or court case about it unless it was due to willful negligence or products handling on Denny’s part. I do however expect either a refund for the meal and and another meal at a later date, which isn’t asking much giving the suffering I’ve been through over the last 24 hours.

Looking at the other reports this past week, 4 of which sounds very similar to my experience this makes 7 reports in as many days. To me that seems like a high number for one chain.”
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